Holly Luong with "Skills for Living" (S4L) spoke about the organizations mission and how their workshops provide the education to help create postive lifestyle changes. The mission of Skills For Living, Inc. (S4L) is to break the cycle of poverty, through positive, practical and extremely effective financial literacy, asset building and career/college planning workshops and mentoring.
S4L programs are designed to ensure that low income, working Houston families receive excellent training in financial literacy, asset building, and college and career development programs. S4L provides these programs free of charge to qualified families. The 20-20 Power Workshop is based on the prinicpal of increasing the students salary by 20% and their net worth by 20%."Real Life" is a workshop that helps in preparing the student for the "real life" experience. All of these programs work together to educate and encourage participants to accept personal responsibility for their future. S4L volunteers mentor, instruct and interact with the working poor. These are proud families who have decided to not take handouts and public assistance. They are hard workers but they need and desire financial literacy and career development planning. Their education and training requires thousands of hours of volunteer time to change the future for families who have been on welfare for generations. Each family's situation is unique. Most families are single mothers with four children who live on a financial "razor's edge." But with S4L's intense, personal guidance, the families are achieving success, getting better jobs with benefits, completing high school and college and saving money for their future to become financially secure. They are also learning the financial planning concepts to ultimately become financially independent. For more information of "Skills For Living" visit www.skills4living.org.