Honorary member of Katy Sunrise Rotary Club and Katy Chamber President Ann Hodge was our guest speaker on July 12, 2011.  We all know the Katy area has grown over the past 10 years but Ann was able to give actual numbers.  In 1990 Katy* had 82,000 homes and the projection was that by 2010 there would be 244,000 homes.  In reality, there were 256,000 homes at the end of 2010 and by 2015 the projection is 342,000.  

The Katy area currently has 6,600 business and with the new hospials this number will more than likely increase.  Ann Hodge and her staff at the Katy Chamber of Commerce not only work with new residents and businesses but they organize an annual trip to Austin to meet with those elected officials representing the Katy area.  

Why have we had such tremendous growth? 

Ann stated many families move to Katy for our schools!  

In my opinion another reason is people like Ann Hodge who work tirelessly to promote Katy as a wonderful place to work, live and raise a family!