RCKS is fortunate to have Jean Love once again as our Assistant Governor.   Jean presented the 2011-2012 Theme Reach Within To Embrace Humanity.

She mentioned that our Adoption Fairs are ways our club embraces humanity - even the children that were not adopted benefitted from the acts of kindness shown to them during this event. 

She encouraged us to perform 'Random Acts of Kindness' and remember that sometimes it's the person we know that needs our support.  Make a call to check up on someone you've not seen in awhile.

On January 12, 2010 several Rotarians from our district landed at the airport in Haiti. They were part of a team working on a clean water and reforestation project.  One Rotarian's suitcase was delayed so they had to wait in the airport for an extended amount of time.  Because of this delay they were on the road at the time the earthquake occured.  If not for the delay they would have been crushed because the building they were headed to was destroyed.  The group instantly began to help where they could.  In many cases the only help they could give was to hold a hand and pray.  This group understands first-hand about Reaching Within to Embrace Humanity.  

Our club will be challenged during 2011-2012 to make a difference by Reaching Within to Embrace Humanity!