Judge Bill Yeoman shared some light-hearted as well as serious observations from his years as Justice of the Peace since he took the bench in 1979.  See the complete story for his "Thirteen Ways to Stay Out of Court".

     Thirteen Ways to Stay Out of Court

  1. Never buy or sell a piece of real estate without an attorney.
  2. Never buy a used car without paying to have it inpected.
  3. Never buy a tree from a guy rolling through the neighborhood.
  4. Never pay a contractor in advance.
  5. Never be a limited partner.
  6. Never put a boyfriend or girfriend as signing authority on a checking account.
  7. Always pay a diagnostic fee for major car repairs first.
  8. Take pictures before and after each tenancy.
  9. Never have a roomate (unless it is your spouse).
  10. Get it in writing and define terms.
  11. If you are extending credit to a corporation, get a personal guarantee.
  12. Never argue with a woman.
  13. Never co-sign an ex-spouses car note.

                                                                  Judge Bill Yeoman