We are fortunte to have our 5th exchange student arriving on August 11th!  Trine Ziegler is from Denmark.

Trine Ziegler Nielsen is headed to Katy, Texas from Skive, Danmark (Denmark) around August.   She describes Skive as an ‘industrial city with lots of nice nature … with around 25,000 citizens. It’s not near a major city.

Her first family will be Michael & Sheila Kuhn (neighbors of Bari & Carolyn Saunders).  Jean Love has volunteered to be our 2nd host family … still looking for family #3.

Trine is 16 (DOB:  4/5/1995) and will be a sophomore at Taylor High School.

Each student writes a short description of their life and here are some excerpts:

After school she rides her horse, mucks out the stable for her horse and her dad’s horses.  Trine has been riding since she was 2 and was a serious competition dressage rider for many years.  Another passion is  guitar (acoustic and electric) and she takes lessons on Thursday & Friday.  (We may want to see if someone has a guitar she can borrow during her stay)

Her primary language is Danish but she also speaks English and German.  She has one brother (Marinus – age 4).  She has traveled to many European cities/countries and enjoys experiencing other cultures/foods, etc…   (She’ll love TEXAS!!)

If you wish to make contact with Trine you can email her at:  trineziegler@hotmail.com