Vicki Rinke is a volunteer at the Breath of Life Clinic located in Katy, Texas. She, along with other volunteers, reach out to our local community to bring healthcare to those who need assisstance.
G. Denise Owen founded the Breath of Life Children's Center in 1999, in response to the limited resources available to children of uninsured/underinsured parent(s) residing in the West Houston and Katy areas. The concept of a children's clinic in the west area of Harris County came from a need described by several parents, whose children had no identifiable medical care provider or means of appropriate care. The growing number of uninsured/underinsured children appeared to mirror the population growth and expansion of the West Houston and Katy areas. Since inception, the goal of the Center has been to provide children with an improved quality of life through easily accessible healthcare and guidance. For more information visit www.bof